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Latest Episode: From the Ashes of One's Enemies

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New Episode Now Available

Finally after nearly two years the latest episode of Transformers: Omniverse is now available. Brothers in Arms sees the final confrontation between the Renegades and the Decepticons and the Entity finally makes his presence felt.

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This is the home of Transformers: Omniverse a Generation One based fan fiction series set after season 2 of the original cartoon.

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  Transformers Omniverse: Shattered Futures  

In an attempt to gain ultimate power, Megatron unleashes a chain reaction of events that brings the whole of reality into jeopardy. Can the Transformers survive...

  Transformers Omniverse II: Loose Ends  

After the cataclymic events unleashed by Megatron, two realities battle to survive.

  Transformers Omniverse: The Cybertron Chronicles  

The history of Cybertron and the Transformers is finally revealed from before the origin of Cybertron until the start of the the Third Great War.

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