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Transformers Omniverse is a long term fan fiction project designed bring together aspects of different Transformers continuities. There are three series planned out, Transformers Omniverse: The Discontinuity Effect, Transformers Omniverse II: Loose Ends and Transformers Omniverse: The Cybertron Chronicles.

Transformers Omniverse: Shattered Futures is the main Transformers Omniverse story and is a two 'season' epic set after Season 2 of the Generation One (G1) cartoon series and see the reality changed to that of the Robots in Disguise (RID) cartoon series obliterating the Movie and Season 3 in the process.

Transformers Omniverse II: Loose Ends takes place after the end of the original series and changes the pre-cartoon RID universe into the G1 Movie and Season 3 continuity.

Transformers Omniverse: The Cybertron Chronicles is a spin-off from the main series and details the history of Cybertron from its creation to the start of the Third Great war. It combines the origins from the cartoon, comic and Transformers Omniverse itself to create a (hopefully) consistent origin story with the Quintessons and Primus.

There is also the Transformers Omniverse: Encyclopedia. As the series progresses I will be adding character profiles on the major characters. Also check out see the Transformers: Omniverse FAQ.

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