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Shattered Futures
Loose Ends
Cybetron Chronicles

  (1.1) Before Cybertron Was...  

Primus and Unicron battle for the future of the Universe. Primus sacrifices himself and creates Cybertron in the process.


  (1.2) The Quintesson Empire  

The Quintessons colonise the planet Cybertron and exploit its natural resources and create an economic empire built on the profits of war. Primus awakened.


  (1.3) The First Great War  

Primus gives the Quintessons' droids sentience which leads to a rebellion. The First Great Cybertronian War has begun.


  (1.4) The Second Great War  

The Quintessons have been defeated and a new peace spreads across Cybertron and the former slaves, now calling themselves Autobots, set up a civilisation of their own. But discontent simmers under the surface and soon a new species arises…the Decepticons. The planet is quickly embroiled in the Second Great Cybertronian War and the birth of the Transformers.


  (1.5) The Golden Age and the Third Great War  

The Autobots and Decepticons have declared a ceasefire, Cybertron is finally at peace. But as the Autobots attempt to rebuild the planet a gladiator in the Decepticon arena hatches plans of conquest.


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