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Shattered Futures
Loose Ends
Cybetron Chronicles

Season One

  (1.1) Operation Sunburn  
The epic beginning of the Transformers: Omniverse series is split into five chapters.
(1.1.1) Power Surge
Megatron plans to make use of a rare form of Energon that will give him the power to revitalize Cybertron and defeat the Autobots forever.
(1.1.2) Power Masters
The now leaderless Autobots struggle to deal with the threat of Megatron and his new found power. Meanwhile on Cybertron, Shockwave has problems of his own when the Autobot resistance begin using a powerful new weapon.
(1.1.3) Power Hungry
Earth is at Megatron's mercy while on Cybertron Starscream meets an old friend, who will stop at nothing to get the Autobots latest invention.
(1.1.4) Power Plays
Megatron and the Renegades both make what they hope will be the final move in their quest for power. Meanwhile Prime must find a way back to Earth.
(1.1.5) Power Cut
The final showdown between Megatron and Optimus Prime holds the fate of both Earth and Cybertron in the balance.

  (1.2) A Death in the Family  

In the aftermath of Operation Sunburn one group of Autobots must come to terms with the loss a a fellow team mate.

  (1.3) Lifespark  

Optimus Prime agonises over whether or not to use the Autobots' latest invention while both the Decepticons and the Renegades are determined to capture it for themselves. But is there more to the Lifespark device than at first appears.

  (1.4) Rise of the Decepticon Empire  

Devil Spawn sets out to make Cybertron the centre of a Galactic Empire while the Autobot resistence fights for survival. Meanwhile in a lonely part of Cybertron a mysterious scientist develops a technology that will affect the future of the Transformers.

  (1.5) From the Ashes of One's Enemies  

Omnis Validus, arrives on Earth determined to destroy Megatron. Spike starts a new job with the famous scientist Doctor Harding, while on Cybertron the surviving Autobots get some unexpected help.

  (1.6) Brothers in Arms  

The Renegades launch an all out attack on the Decepticons. Meanwhile back on Cybertron, Devil Spawn launches one last attempt to capture Vector Sigma and only the female Autobots can stop him.

  (1.7) The Discontinuity Effect  

The Entity's interference unleashes a cataclysm that threatens all of reality. The Transformers must come face to face with with realities they never knew existed.

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Season Two

  (2.1) Fall of the Decepticon Empire  

Cybertron and Earth both attempt to get back to normal after the recent cataclysmic events. Thanks to Entity's interference the Decepticons find themselves in dire trouble. Could this be the end of the Great War?

Coming Soon...

  (2.2) Origin of the Species  

The Decepticons turn to desperate measures to survive. While on Earth Optimus Prime begins to think its time to leave.

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  (2.3) Defender of the Earth  

Optimus Prime orders the creation of a new Autobot to be Earth's guardian after the other Autobots return to Cybertron.

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  (2.4) Exodus  

The Autobots leave for Cybertron believing the war to be over but they are in for a nasty surprise.

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  (2.5) Phoenix Rising  

The Autobots find themselves under siege but is it by an old enemy or a new one?

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  (2.6) A Parting of the Ways  

When Optimus Prime uncovers a secret from his past it causes a split in the Autobot ranks.

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  (2.7) End of an Era  

Optimus Prime must make a difficult decision that will affect the future of both Cybertron and Earth.

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