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From the Ashes of One's Enemies

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The Entity

  First Appearance: Lifespark  

  "Soon I will be master of reality itself"  


The exact origin of the Entity is unknown at this time. What little is know reveals that he is a being born in the turmoil of the inter-dimensional void. He has an obsessive hatred of all Transformers and is determined to wipe them from existence at any cost


He is inextricably linked to the powerful dimensional energies that can be found within the void. So much so that he can, with effort, manipulate any reality that he chooses. The manipulations can alter the very fabric of the reality, affecting any aspect the Entity chooses. The results affect the reality as a whole and as a result this can lead to unpredictable or worse uncontrollable events. The Entity has no physical form, instead being merely a presence within the void. He can however manifest himself in a chosen reality by means of an avatar. This avatar may either be a possessed being or with extra effort a specifically created manifestation of the Entity taking any form that he chooses. The avatar can manipulate reality on a purely local level. These effects are far less powerful than when the Entity is manipulating reality directly, however the results are far more predictable.


The Entity has no known weaknesses at this time, although his obsessive desire to wipe out the Transformers can lead to him not thinking his actions through fully.

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No Allegiance
  Allegiance: None  

  Function: Domination  
The Entity


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