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Transtech was a proposed continuation of the Beast Wars/Machines series. Some figures got to the prototype stages but the line was ultimately replaced by the Robots In Disguise range.

These images are reproduced courtesy of Brian Lawrence.


Transtech Megatron Transtech Megatron Transtech Megatron
  Transtech Megatron  

The first image is the initial design for Megatron. The other three pictures were produced by Takara based on these initial designs.

This toy would have had twin firing projectiles out of the main gun activated in both robot and vehicle mode. Adjustable treads for a higher elevated firing position. Lower for a fast attack mode. The robot mode would have a lowering head as depicted in the drawings for a shielded attack mode, only Megatron's eyes would be seen. And of course lights and sound in which the colour of the light and the sound effects would change from vehicle to robot mode.

Takara Design Team Lead - Yoke-san, Concept Work - Chris Welch and Final Input Design - Brian Lawrence.


Transtech Starscream Transtech Starscream Transtech Starscream

Lots of the pre-production models that have been shown on various sites of Starscream show clear parts. The clear parts are where an LED would light certain areas. Those parts would be painted but in certain areas remain clear to let the light shine through.

Initial Concept Drawing - Deon Nuckols, Product Designer - Brian Lawrence & Product Design Head Takara - Yoke-san

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Transtech Cheetor Transtech Cheetor Transtech Cheetor

In Transtech Cheetor would become a race car. Here you can see a step by step transformation of the prototype model.

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Scourgimus Carly in Little Black Dress Prime the Janitor


Scourge from Robots in Disguise is one of my all time favourite characters and toys. The original was in effect an evil version of Optimus Prime. I began to wonder what he would look like if he had been based around Rodimus Prime and this is the result.

Carly in Little Black Dress:

Carly appearead in Part 4 of Operation: Sunburn wearing a little black cocktail dress. As no such picture exists, I made my own.

Prime the Janitor:

This is a modified version of an picture of Optimus Prime that appeared in the Genesis Art book. The original image shows Prime holding a tattered US flag. This caused quite an argument on the forum that I use. So I created this version instead.


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