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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Transformers: Omniverse?

Transformers: Omniverse is a Generation One based series set after season two of the cartoon series. In this series the Movie and season three do not happen. The reason for this will be explained as the series progresses. The ultimate aim is to link Generation One to Robots In Disguise.

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Is the Series Set in an Alternate Dimension?

Not exactly. The series is set in the same dimension as the established continuity, but events in this series cause the future history to be altered significantly.

Where Are the Nebulons?

Although the series features Powermasters I have chosen to get rid of the Nebulan connection. Instead the powermaster companions are small robots that share a symbiotic relationship with their partners.

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Will the Series Feature Transformers From Other Continuities, Such as RID, Armada and Beast Wars?

Yes. Robots In Disguise characters will definitely appear. Characters from other series may apear later.

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Does Unicron Feature in the Series?

Maybe. When I first came up with many of the concepts of the series, Unicron featured heavily. However this was before he was saturated through most of Dreamwave's range of comics. I feel that he has now been overused and I don't want it to look like I am just jumping on the Unicron bandwagon. He may put in an appearance later depending on if he's still in regular use by Dreamwave.

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Who Is the Entity?

The Entity is a mysterious and powerful being that exists between dimensions. See his Encyclopedia Entry for more details.

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Is the Entity Unicron?


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Does Transformers: Omniverse Have an Ending?

Yes. The series has been conceived as a two 'Season' epic. The first season takes things apart, while the second season puts them back together again. At the moment there is going to be 16 episodes (8 per season). I am also planning a spin-off called the Chronicles of Cybertron that details the origin of Cybertron and the Transformers.

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